Dernières nouvelles :
L'EP de Joyce N'sana est numéro 1 au Canada, Musique du Monde sur Earshot

Latest news :
Joyce N'sana's EP is number 1 in Canada, World Music on Earshot

Joyce N'sana

  • EP now on itunes

    EP now on itunes

    The new female voice of 
    Reggae and Afrobluhop

  • Joyce at The Voice

    Joyce at The Voice

    Joyce N'sana did a great
    appearance at La Voix
      (The Voice Québec)

  • Joyce N'sana #1 in Canada

    Joyce N'sana #1 in Canada

    Joyce N'sana's EP is #1 in Canada
          World Music, on Earshot

  • Sandra Godin - TVA

    Sandra Godin - TVA

    "With her deep voice tinted of soul,
       she spreads her faith delivering 
                 a message of love."

  • Yves Bernard - Le Devoir

    Yves Bernard - Le Devoir

    "Joyce N’Sana, one of the great
         new Quebec's soul artist." 

  • Jérôme Pruneau - DAM

    Jérôme Pruneau - DAM

    "The DAM "coup de cœur" was
     for someone who seduced me
    her  charisma even before
    opens her mouth to sing."

  • Camuz.ca


         "Joyce N'sana...She's the
     kind of first act that makes you
    almost forget who you came for


Artist residency
programm's winner
CJLO Radio 2016


Prix Coup de coeur
Diversité Artistique Montréal
Vitrine des Musiques
Locales et Métisées 2014


Prix Coup de coeur
Quartier des spectacles
Vitrine des Musiques
Locales et Métisées 2014


Prix Mondomix
Syli d'Or des Musiques
du Mondes 2013



Joyce N’sana, one of the new female voice of Reggae and Afrobluhop, is a songwriter/performer who grew in the Congolese civil war context. She's marked by that image of her family fleeing the house one night, and her dad grabbing nothing but his guitar and his Bible. That was the foundations of her artistic life. 

She's delivering a clear and determined message, she spreads an art of peace. Little woman with a huge voice, she settle her Reggae into a Gospel background, adding to it her own mix of Afro, Blues and Hip-hop. “Her stage presence is jaw-dropping’’ is saying Camuz, Montreal’s music calendar. She brings her audience through a roller coaster of emotions with her lively music filled with touching melodies, as much as with her voice that’s surfing between smooth singing and powerful raspy blows. The whole surrounded by deep conscious lyrics.

If Joyce N’sana won many awards those past years, this is no coincidence (Mondomix’s choice and Honorable Mention at the Syli d’Or des Nuits d’Afrique 2013, Quartier des Spectacles and DAM’s choice at Vitrines locales métissées Vision Diversité 2014, DAM’s Professional Artistic Mentorat with the artist Webster in 2015, On Rotation Artistic Residency Program with CJLO radio in 2016). The Congolo-Canadian released her first EP in mars 2016. She stays #1 in Canada all summer in the World Music categorie on Earshot, wich regroup most community and campus radio across the country. CJLO radio calls it World album of the year.



Joyce N'sana - Matondo ft. Fredy Massamba


Joyce N'sana & Holy Hills Band - Misamu - Vitrines des Musiques Locales et Métissées 2014