Holy Hills Productions is an independent label specialized in Reggae, Afro and Hip-Hop, whose goal is to spread a constructive and positive message of social consciousness. Apart from producing and marketing music recordings, we are currently managing 3 artists, offering DJ and animation services, recording studio services, and have different kinds of merchandize, from art craft to clothing. We’re also offering consulting services for artists and music entrepreneurs. 


Holy Hills Productions values are simply based on the same that we embrace in our personnal spiritual and healthy lifestyle. Respect being the center of our philosophy  we always priorise a human relation approche, and we love to create a proximity with the clients. Professionalism, top quality services and consistency are the foundations of our team work ethic.

We are proud of our very first official release in 2016, Joyce N'sana EP, that got called "World Music album of the year" by CJLO radio.


General Manager / Founder:  
Sebastien Richer

As an artist himslef, Sebastien Richer started to organize small shows under the name Holy Hills Productions in 2006. When he later learned basic administration skills as GM of a sport complexe, it was a natural path to officially start a music business. In 2017 he studied at Trebas Institute in music business administration to improve his knowledge about the industry.

Musical Director / founder of Fiyah Yard Studio:  Dan Fiyah Beats

Songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentist, producer and sound engineer for about 25 years, Dan Fiyah Beats has a great expertise in music production. In his career, he produced for many local artist, as well as for some Reggae legends like The Maytones, Ken Booth and Glen Washington, only to name a few. He has been a collaborator of Holy Hills Productions since the beginning, before officialy joining as a business partner in 2017, by merging his Fiyah Yard Studio with the company.

Marketing and Communication Director: 
Joyce N'sana

Joyce N'sana first attended visual art school before she studied languages and communications. She has a good experience with social media and keeps her knowledge updated with the latest trends in our market. After being part of the Holy Hills camp as an artist since 2010, she joined as business partner when the company was officialy registered in 2015.