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feat. Raterahkwahseres
Out on June 18th, 2021

Genocide-Art work.jpeg


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Yotanka is a French Canadian Rastaman who is straightforward and not afraid to speak his mind addressing sensitive issues.  In the Reggae culture his style is called "deejay", which is a form of Rap that focuses on the lyrics. Yotanka's lyrical content is about equal rights and justice, roots and culture, life and love. 

Being concern with social injustice at a young age, he grew an awareness about the history of colonialism and quickly became conscious of African and Indigenous people's tribulations. In his music he wants to raise awareness on those situations, as well as addressing other serious topics that need to be discussed. He believes that music is the best vehicle to do so. 

Known to the Montreal local Reggae scene since 2005, Yotanka was less active on the forefront in the past few years. He took a step back to learn more about business management and the music industry. He founded Holy Hills Productions in 2015 and got a Music Business Administration degree from Trebas Institute in 2018.